Sometimes “Buongiorno!” in the forest supports mental health

I often try to regularly face climate suffering with honesty and truth, but only in sips between generous helpings of gratitude and curiosity. I guess I was out of practice dancing with the shadows and light- with grief and gratitude. The forest helped and so do resources from Blessed Tomorrow.

Every Day is a Holy Day-By: Martina Manzone

we are at a crisis point when all voices from any profession and place are needed to come together for every living thing. The dream where we are free to be healthy and in true harmony is possible. Join me in becoming a Climate Ambassador through one of ecoAmerica’s three programs: Climate for Health, Blessed Tomorrow, or Path to Positive Communities. Together in light and love. Everyone, every day.

Blessed Are Those Who Also Mourn-Words on Eco Grief

Adding climate change on top of the everyday mental health stressors we face, compounds issues and impacts, as shown in this new report from ecoAmerica and the American Psychological Association:  Mental Health and Our Changing Climate: Impacts, Inequities, Responses. Reading the report as a person of faith caused me to see that supporting mental health while grappling with our changing climate is both a social and spiritual issue.



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