Motherhood in a Changing Climate:
Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes
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Moving Forward Guide

A Guide to Climate Action For Your Congregation and Community
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August 27-28, 2020 | Washington, DC
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Ambassadors Training

Learn alongside people of faith to speak and act confidently on climate change and solutions
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How Faith Communities
Fuel Social Movements

Lessons for Climate Advocacy from the Immigration, Black
Lives Matter, and President Trump Election Campaigns
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February Climate Talking Points

Turning Climate Panic into Progress

New Video:
The Earth As Our Mosque

Created with the Islamic Society of North America
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Blessed Tomorrow
Carbon Offset Program

In partnership with Cool Effect
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The Jesus Movement:
Good News For All Creation

Created with The Episcopal Church
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About Us

Why Faith and Climate Living our faith means leading on climate change as stewards of God’s creation.

Blessed Tomorrow is a coalition of diverse religious partners working to advance climate solutions in faithful service to God.

You can make a difference on behalf of creation by limiting carbon emissions and bearing witness to climate change.

Resources and Guides

Let’s Talk Faith and Climate

Discover research-tested, values-based messaging that’s proven to resonate with people of faith, along with tips on how to deepen engagement and position climate action as a moral imperative.


Blessed Tomorrow Moving Forward Guide

Our Moving Forward: A Guide to Climate Action For Your Congregation and Community provides you with information and resources to reduce energy use, to build resilient houses of worship as refuges from a changing climate, and to encourage support for policies that better care for creation.


Blessed Tomorrow Carbon Offset Program

A custom model of carbon offset calculation for houses of worship created in collaboration with ecoAmerica and Cool Effect, with the help of The Carbon Institute, with calculation elements confirmed by The Nature Conservancy.


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