National Faith + Climate Campaign

Join One Home One Future, a multi-faith campaign to strengthen connections in local congregations nationwide. Be part of a visible effort in creation care and climate action, no matter if you are just getting started or already engaging.

Over 1,400 Participants United to Strengthen Congregations Through Creation Care

ACLA Winner and Runner-Up Announced!

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American Climate Leadership Awards for High School Students Winner and Runner-Up Announced!

Mental health and Our Changing Climate: Children and Youth Report 2023

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About Us

Why Faith and Climate? Living our faith means leading on climate change as stewards of God’s creation.

What is Blessed Tomorrow? Blessed Tomorrow is a coalition of diverse religious partners working to advance climate solutions in faithful service to God.

You Can Make a Difference. Subscribe to Blessed Tomorrow to learn how you can make a difference on behalf of creation by bearing witness to climate change.

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Climate Ambassadors

The training will empower and equip you to inspire your community, colleagues, the public, and policymakers to take action on climate change that makes a difference. Americans are growing more concerned about climate change. As they experience impacts to their health, livelihoods, and communities, they are increasingly looking for guidance on solutions from leaders in their daily lives — climate leaders like you.

One Home One Future: Logo is the shape of the earth but the water is a parent and the land is a child.

One Home One Future

One Home One Future is a campaign that educates, activates, and supports clergy, congregants, youth, and all spiritual people in meaningful and just solutions locally, regionally, and nationally in ways that are accessible and positive.

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Moving Forward Guide

Guidance for health professionals across the country who want to lead on climate and need support to act.

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Climate Solutions for Your Workplace or Congregation

7 actions you can do to work towards climate solutions in your workplace or congregation.

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Climate Solutions for Your Community

7 actions you can do to work towards climate solutions in your community.

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Mental health and Our Changing Climate: Children and Youth Report 2023

A report on the impacts of climate change on children’s mental health that provides guidance and resources to act and advocate.

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Let’s Talk Faith and Climate: Communication Guidance for Faith Leaders

Research-tested, values-based messaging that’s proven to resonate with people of faith, along with tips…

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Are Americans Making the Climate and Health Connection?

Climate change impacts – especially air pollution, severe storms, and disease-carrying insects – make Americans concerned for their health and safety.

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