Blessed Tomorrow Ambassadors Training



Right now, many faith communities are growing more concerned about climate change.
As we witness and experience impacts on our health, livelihoods, and communities, we are increasingly looking for guidance on solutions from leaders in our daily lives — health, faith, and community.
Blessed Tomorrow’s work aims to support major faith institutions and faith leaders with training on the links between climate and faith, the spectrum of solutions, how to speak effectively on the topic of climate change, and opportunities to act and advocate.
The Climate Ambassador training equips people of faith with the knowledge, hands-on experience, and resources to speak and act confidently on climate change and solutions. Faith leaders will be empowered to inspire their colleagues, associations, laity, the public, and policymakers to be empowered in making a change on climate solutions that help care for creation, protect our neighbors and communities, and ensure a prosperous, just, and secure future for all.

The Format

The full training requires a four-hour time slot, ideally at a national or regional conference, or other large gathering of people of faith.
  • Section 1: Introduction, Faith and Climate Change Overview, Climate Impacts on Ministry
  • Section 2: Climate Solutions and Benefits (National, State, Local, Congregational, and Personal)
  • Section 3: Advocacy and Engagement: Communicating on Climate in Faith (language guidance, creating a personalized climate message)
Upon completion of the full training, leaders will be given Blessed Tomorrow Ambassador designation. These leaders will be invited to be listed on their affiliated faith institution or organization website, and the Blessed Tomorrow website, as trained leaders who can be scheduled to present on climate.
Learn more by reviewing our Ambassador Agreement. 

Request an Ambassador Talk in Your Community

Trained Blessed Tomorrow Ambassadors commit to giving a minimum number of informational climate presentations each year. Events like church-wide conferences, congregational or small-group forums and retreats, and holiday periods like Earth Day or Lent are perfect times to host a Blessed Tomorrow Ambassador in your community. Ambassadors will share a baseline of knowledge on faith teachings for care of Creation, climate change, its impacts, and how to effectively advocate for climate using our own unique faith voices. If you would like to be put in contact with an Ambassador near you, please contact [email protected].