“Eating Our Way Toward Climate and Racial Justice” Now Available with Karyn Bigelow, Co-Executive Director, Creation Justice Ministries

By Scott Hardin-Hieri

Recording Now Available: “Eating Our Way Toward Climate and Racial Justice” with Karyn Bigelow, Co-Executive Director, Creation Justice Ministries

Watch the full Let’s Talk Climate recording here.
Join us for ecoAmerica Webcast series, “Let’s Talk Climate.” ecoAmerica is hosting fast-paced discussions with leaders in climate change on a wide range of topics. The latest episode, Eating Our Way Toward Climate and Racial Justice is available for viewing on ecoAmerica’s YouTube channel now. Blessed Tomorrow Director, Rev. Carol Devine is joined by Karyn Bigelow, Executive Director of Creation Justice Ministries for this informative and visionary conversation. Karyn and Carol have a wide ranging conversation exploring a variety of topics including:

  • The pervasive racism in the agriculture and food systems in the United States
  • How rarmers on the front lines of climate change
  • How preparing, cooking and eating food can be a sacred act
  • The joys and pains of Bee Keeping

As your passion for faith, food, and climate action increases, please also take a look at this short film. A Wilderness Like Eden: Stories of the Christian Food Movement. This beautiful film highlights the work of faith leaders like Venice Williams in Milwaukee, Rev. Heber Brown III in Baltimore, Rev. Nurya Parish in Michigan, and Rev. Sam Chamelin in Maryland who are growing compassion, justice, and food.


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