Every Day is a Holy Day-By: Martina Manzone

I participate in many faith discussions connecting religious and spiritual practices to the respect of Mother Earth as an extension or expression of Source/Creator/Goddess/God/Allah. Teachings and practices around respect for Mother Earth are already present, though often forgotten. Every day is for now, a holy day, where I am reconnected to Mother Earth through the spiritual practice of eating a plant-based diet and gratitude for the water and foods that sustain me.

My contemplative lifestyle must also acknowledge the reality of toxic chemicals that are and will forever be in Mother’s air, soil and water. Pollution and our changing climate negatively impacts the physical health of all living things and the mental health of humans. The climate crisis forces  competition for resources and support that often result in community violence and war. I am a Climate for Health Ambassador, although my current advocacy and teachings intersect each of ecoAmerica’s Programs. The physical health and wellbeing of all living things, including Mother Earth, is a priority and we must also model a spirituality that co-creates positive regenerative loving communities.

May is Mental Health Awareness month. There seem to be months or days for many recognitions. But if we lived day to day completely in harmony without pollution or harm, we would no longer need separate awareness days or months. When we strive for deep spiritual connection that creates an elevated mindfulness, we are less likely to make harmful choices.  There now are new “green” options  that can help us take steps to begin the healing of the planet. But, we are at a crisis point when all voices from any profession and place are needed to come together for every living thing. The dream where we are free to be healthy and in true harmony is possible. Join me in becoming a Climate Ambassador through one of ecoAmerica’s three programs: Climate for Health, Blessed Tomorrow, or Path to Positive Communities. Together in light and love. Everyone, every day.

By: Martina Manzone, Spiritual Planetary Health Consultant and Climate for Health Ambassador located in Washington, D.C.

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