Your Church is a Conduit to the Divine, But Does It Reflect His Will?

What does a 131-year-old church have to do with creation care? Everything. 

Apart from needing to cut cost, United Church of Granville understands that reducing energy consumption is a moral imperative that requires the attention of faith communities everywhere. In an effort to maintain the historical integrity of the aging building, the congregation has banned together to raise funds for energy reducing renovations. 

The importance of lowering energy cost at a church (or any worship facility) goes beyond monetary concern. A house of worship is a reflection, not only of your connection to the divine, but your projection of His will onto humanity. Carry God’s message in all you do — care for His creation.

Granville Church Confronts Global Warming

By Charles A. Peterson for Newark Advocate

Results of an energy audit are anxiously awaited at the United Church of Granville as the congregation explores ways to make its 131-year-old building more energy-efficient.

But the motivation isn’t just to reduce the monthly gas and electric bills.

It’s a moral issue, too, they say.

Thus, the congregation proclaimed on a banner in front of the church at the center of the village starting last week, “Fossil Fuels? We divested. Ask us how and why.”

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