Introduction: New Intern Eric Márquez

Eric Márquez smiling at a waterfall near the Potomac River.

Hi! My name is Eric Márquez and I am a new Blessed Tomorrow intern! I recently graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Policy. I was born in Monterrey, Mexico and moved to D.C. at a young age, growing up here ever since. I love to stay active by playing basketball with my friends, I love to play guitar and record music, I am a great cook, and I have a beautiful little sister in the form of a dog named Frida!

In my (almost) 23 years on this planet, I have watched global temperatures rise and winters become warmer every year. In Mexico, I have seen hundreds of people line up with empty jugs at water trucks because of immense drought. I have witnessed the loss of biodiversity in marine ecosystems around the country and I continue to see effects of climate change across the globe all while national and international governments remain slow to act.

Eric Márquez getting kisses from his dog Frida.

And yet, in the midst of catastrophic climate events, I see the compassion and hope within people shining through the damage. Neighbors help neighbors in times of crisis, march for climate justice in the streets, clean up local ecosystems, and work together toward the common goal of building an abundant and healthy future for the generations to come. There are few better ways to implement these initiatives than in communities of faith that are already filled with a close-knit group of people that listen to and trust each other. This is exactly what Blessed Tomorrow is striving towards and precisely why I am excited to begin work here.

I have always felt a sense of responsibility regarding climate change; from a young age I asked myself what I could do to ensure the health and wellbeing of nature, society, and people all around the world. I studied Environmental Science so I could understand the reality behind the effects of climate change and use that knowledge in a way that is shared with other people.

Eric Márquez and his friend at a Mexican embassy party.

Climate change education is a critical part of moving towards lasting progress. As a Blessed Tomorrow Ambassador, I encourage those interested in integrating sustainable practices into their congregations to take and share with others the free on-demand climate training here.

Many people and communities across the country will often see in the news catastrophic images from natural disasters and climate phenomena, and headlines that emphasize a ticking clock counting down to the day when all damage from climate change will be irreversible. While these images and urgent messages are incredibly important, it often distances us from the reality of the situation and turns us off from the idea that we can make a difference.

Starting locally is the perfect solution. Inputting climate education and sustainable practices through congregations and their already familiar communities is incredibly innovative and will almost certainly affect the lives of these community members in a far more impactful way than what they see on the news or social media. Blessed Tomorrow and the One Home One Future campaign aims to inspire people to recognize climate change by protecting their local communities first. Through a domino effect, if all local communities begin to take action, the final payoff will be immense.

I am excited to begin working with many community leaders and others involved with Blessed Tomorrow and One Home One Future!

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Eric Márquez, Blessed Tomorrow Intern

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