‘God is Waiting On You’ to Steward His Creation

Nature is a manifestation of God's love. It is His greatest doing in our vast universe, giving us a momentary glimpse into the magnitude that is His powerful being. And, while Earth Day is a moment to reflect on this awesome power, it is more importantly, a time to care for the greatest of all creation: humans.

As Rev. Dr. Mae Elise Cannon penned in her recent article for the Huffington Post, "We do this for the inherent worth of creation, but also because these actions impact our fellow human beings." Caring for creation is a veneration of God's love, but more importantly, it fulfills our duty to protect our brothers and sisters. As Bishop TD Jakes recently said, "You're waiting on God to do something, but God is waiting on you."


Hugging Trees: Christians and the Environment

By Rev. Dr. Mae Elise Cannon for The Huffington Post

This month is Earth Month, with Earth Day on April 22. Communities and organizations take time to place a special emphasis on the environment and how our care (or neglect) of creation impacts us, our neighbors and future generations. 

Growing up, my dad influenced my love for nature and being outside. I grew up "hugging trees," not because of some New Age thing, but because my dad was always enamored with the tree trunks that could take more than a person to span the width of their trunks! He was in sheer childhood delight when we took him to the sequoias. Every once in a while, I find myself wanting to throw my arms around a tree both in memory of him and also to appreciate the glory of God's creation!

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