Find Out Why Pope Francis’ Climate Encyclical Is Important for Non-Catholics

Pope Francis is scheduled to release his Climate encyclical in the next few months, in which he will guide 1.2 billion Roman Catholics on how to engage climate change. While the specifics of the encyclical are still a mystery, it is safe to say that it will prove useful for more than the Catholic congregation. 

Pope Francis has made a point of discussing the issue of climate change using universalistic language, further demonstrating that climate action is not only a moral obligation for his immediate followers, but for religious people of all faiths. 

See why Blessed Tomorrow's partner Rabbi Lawrence Troster (Green Faiths’s Rabbinic Scholar) considers the encyclical to be a relevant document for the Jewish community and beyond.

Getting Behind Pope Francis on Climate Change: Why People of Diverse Faiths Should Support the Eco-Encyclical

By Rabbi Lawrence Troster and Jeff Korgen of Multi-faith Climate Campaign and Green Faith

This summer, Pope Francis will issue a papal encyclical on the environment. In a year of unparalleled importance for climate change because of key UN meetings in Paris this December, his timing couldn’t be better.

The encyclical will not only represent a key step forward on climate and environmental issues within the Catholic community. It will be a document that people of all faiths can use to increase the attention paid to climate change and the environment in their own communities.

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