Catholic Bishops Lead California to Lower Carbon Emissions

By path2positive

The Golden State is getting a little help from Catholic Bishops as state lawmakers attempt to pass SB 350, a bill that would impose fuel regulations in California. Following President Obama's Clean Energy Plan, which instituted a 32% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030, states are looking for ways to contribute to that collective effort. And, they are calling on faith leaders to help get it done.

California Catholic Bishops, Steven Blaire and Jaime Soto from the Diocese of Stockton and Sacramento, met with Senator Kevin de León to address the moral issue of climate change. Bishop Steven Blaire shared, "The role of the church in public policy is to lift up values and to be a voice for what we believe enhances the dignity of every human person.”

Catholic Bishops across America are teaming together through conferences and public outreach in preparation for Pope Francis' visit to the U.S. later this month. Will you join the Catholic movement to care for God's creation?

Local Catholic Bishops Team Up with Lawmakers to Combat Climate Change

Joe Khalil | Fox40

The issue of climate change has struck up an unlikely partnership between state lawmakers and local Catholic bishops. Both groups met Monday afternoon to discuss climate change legislation.

The meeting came in response to Pope Francis’ 184 page encyclical, released earlier this summer, which is dedicated to urging lawmakers to debate and set forth policy that combats humans' negative impact on the environment.

"The pope recognizes what is undeniable -- a growing body of scientific evidence that our climate is warming,” said Kevin de Leon, state Senate president pro tempore.

The pope’s encyclical is a call to action, not a scientific or policy document, according to Bishops Steven Blaire and Jaime Soto from the Diocese of Stockton and Sacramento, respectively.

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