A Climate Quiz for Your Congregation

The Pew Research Center created a climate change quiz and unlike test from our childhood; this questionnaire required an unusual prerequisite – one for which little studying is required. The three question exam does not test an individual's knowledge of climate science as one might expect; rather it inquired as to the test taker's overall concern regarding climate change and its impact, ranking answers from a level of 'not concerned' to 'very concerned,' with varied degrees in between. 

After the exam is completed, the test taker is given their results, juxtaposed with those of test takers from around the world. On first assessment, one might determine these questions to be an oversimplification of a major problem, but maybe climate change really is that simple, at least in how we talk about it.

As we address climate change in our respective faith communities, our advocacy should be clear, concise and to the point. Do you think climate change is a serious issue and do you think it is impacting people around the world?  If so, what does your scripture compel you to do? What would the prophets of your texts do in the case of climate change and its immediate impact? The answer, for every tradition, is to act and act immediately. 

Climate change is not a political, or economic issue (though it does carry weight in these areas of discussion). Climate change, at the end of the day, is a human issue, one that requires immediate attention from every person of faith. 

Take the quiz today and see how you stack up with the rest of the world. The results may surprise you.

Climate Change Concern Quiz

Pew Research Center

Take our 3-question quiz to see how your level of concern about climate change compares with people in 40 different nations in our survey.

Our “global climate change concern index score” combines responses for three survey questions: the extent to which people believe global climate change is a serious problem; whether it is currently harming people; and whether it will impact them personally at some point in their lives. The responses for the three questions are added together for an index range from 3 to 12, where 3 is the least concerned about climate change and 12 is the most concerned.

Read more about global public opinion regarding climate change in our report, “Global Concern about Climate Change, Broad Support for Limiting Emissions.”

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