Why Faith & Climate

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Faith leaders from all across the country are answering the call to care for creation and inspiring their communities to get involved.

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Connecting Faith & Climate

Preserving God’s Gift

God has given us a wondrous home, a responsibility to care for our neighbors, and the talents we need to meet this challenge.  

We Can All Be Leaders

We are already witnessing impacts affecting future generations and the most vulnerable. As people of faith, we can all lead in caring for God’s creation.

The Time is Now

Blessed Tomorrow is a diverse coalition of leaders making a difference in communities across America. Join us.

We’re On This Path Together

Together, we can put America on a path to a positive future that will protect our families and strengthen our communities. Learn how!

What Can I Do

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Start the Path to a Positive Future

Joining Blessed Tomorrow gives you access to resources, tools, and tips to help you practice what you preach and preach what you practice.

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Act & Inspire

Get Started

We'll help you create a customized path to positive for your congregation with step-by-step actions designed to make a difference.  

Inspire Others

Access resources to help you engage and empower others to be a part of the solution.

Care for Creation

Turn your congregation and community into models of good stewardship. 

Learn from Leaders Like You

Learn from the successes of other leaders across the country.

What's Happening

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How Can I Join

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Make the commitment to Join

By joining Blessed Tomorrow, you become part of a national network of faith leaders working together to achieve climate solutions.

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Become a Member of Blessed Tomorrow

Join leaders like you who are committed to caring for God's creation and protecting the most vulnerable.

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Get the ideas, tools, and guides you need to lead in your congregation, community, and home.