National Faith + Climate Forum Unites Over 1,400 Participants to Strengthen Congregations Through Creation Care

The National Faith + Climate Forum assembled an unprecedented gathering of faith community members committed to build thriving congregations through care for creation with faith-driven action. Drawing more than 1,400 registrants nationwide gathered online and in person at 70 locations from California to Maine, this forum marks a significant milestone in the faith community’s response to climate change. This diverse gathering represented over 20 denominations and faith traditions, each committed to integrating faith-driven environmental stewardship into congregational life.

The forum provided a platform for national faith leaders to engage in deep discussions and share innovative strategies for building vibrant, resilient communities through care for creation. Attendees were united by a commitment to addressing climate change and enhancing the vitality of their congregations. The forum highlighted the urgency of our challenges, the vast opportunities for solutions, and how faith communities play a significant role in advancing progress. WATCH NOW

Achievements of the National Faith + Climate Forum:

  • Empowered Leaders: Provided clergy and faith leaders with free tools, and resources to weave creation care into their spiritual guidance, preaching, teaching, and pastoral work.
  • Inspired Congregations: Highlighted effective ways for congregations to engage in creation care, featuring transformative initiatives like the One Home One Future multi-faith campaign and Blessed Tomorrow’s Climate Ambassador Training.
  • Connected Communities: The in-person and online formats enabled fruitful connections with local and national faith-based leaders eager to further their climate action efforts.
  • Strengthened Collaboration: Offered dynamic networking sessions to foster shared purpose, a deep sense of unity, and access to grants to further collaboration at the community level and beyond.

The forum’s vibrant exchange of ideas and collaborative spirit has laid a solid foundation for ongoing action. Participants were empowered with actionable insights and practical strategies to implement just and equitable solutions in their congregations and at the same time strengthen the social and spiritual fabric of local communities.

The discussions, panels, and engagement activities at the forum are available to replay HERE. Subscribe to Blessed Tomorrow’s newsletter and follow @BlessedTomorrow on social media for updates.

The National Faith + Climate Forum was hosted by Blessed Tomorrow. It demonstrated the burgeoning power of faith-driven creation care and climate advocacy, and furthered collaborative efforts to enhance congregations and our given and shared home.

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