Young Evangelicals Call on NAE to ‘Renounce Habits of Consumption’

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Last month, Blessed Tomorrow welcomed Young Evangelicals for Climate Action at Coming Together in Faith on Climate. National Organizer and Spokesperson, Rachael Lamb shared her insights and progress in the Evangelical community during a robust discussion with a myriad of faithful attendees. 

Rachael and her team are at it again, this time drafting a new resolution, Caring For God’s Creation: A Call to Action. The open letter addressed to the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) calls on Christians worldwide to:

A) Adopt lifestyles that renounce habits of consumption that are destructive or polluting;

B) Exert legitimate means to persuade governments to put moral imperatives above political expediency on issues of environmental destruction and potential climate change;

C) Recognize and encourage the missional calling both of (i) Christians who engage in the proper use of the earth’s resources for human need and welfare through agriculture, industry and medicine, and (ii) Christians who engage in the protection and restoration of the earth’s habitats and species through conservation and advocacy.

Lined with scriptural proofs respectfully calling for a restructure of habits and practices the document reinforces the moral imperative to care for God's creation. Rev. Mitch Hescox, President of the Evangelical Environmental Network and a Board Member of the NAE, praised the document for its 'wisdom, affirmation, and encouragement.'

YECA’s Support for the NAE’s Resolution on Climate and Creation Care

Young Evangelicals for Climate Action

We at Y.E.C.A. congratulate the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) for the passage at their latest Board meeting of their Resolution, Caring For God’s Creation: A Call to Action.  As the nation’s largest association of evangelical Christian denominations, organizations, and churches, the NAE’s resolution is an authoritative step forward in the evangelical community’s efforts to faithfully take on the great challenge of climate change.

A year ago, Y.E.C.A. respectfully sent a letter to the Board of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE), sharing our concern around climate change, and asking if they would take an official position by adopting the Lausanne Movement’s Cape Town Commitment, which emphasizes that, “world poverty and climate change need to be addressed together and with equal urgency.”

“In their letter to the NAE leadership last fall, Y.E.C.A. signatories showed great respect while sharing their concern for faithful climate action with senior evangelical leaders,” shared Rev. Mitch Hescox, President of the Evangelical Environmental Network and a Board Member of the NAE. “The wisdom, affirmation, and encouragement they communicated helped support and undergird the NAE’s leadership as we deliberated and passed the resolution released today.”

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