What Makes a Moral Leader?

At Blessed Tomorrow, we view climate change as an ethical issue that requires moral leadership. While moral leadership has historically come from a wide range of people (politicians, teachers, etc…), faith leaders have overwhelmingly led the way. From Martin Luther King, Jr. to Mahatma Gandhi, religious leaders have embraced a sacred duty to guide people on the most critical social justice issues of their time.

What makes a successful moral leader?

According to the Global Ethics Network, a moral leader is someone that serves his/her people. Just as you provide marital, work and family councel; you must also guide your congregation in their relationship with God's creation. You are an interpreter of God's design, assisting those around you in gleaning something meaningful from our creator's gift. More importantly, you must offer them an ethical structure to care for it.

Lastly, you must possess a love for humanity that extends beyond your community's boundry. Climate change is having a drastic effect on people all over the world, and as a faith leader, it is your sacred obligation to care for ALL of His creation.

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; (Philippians 2:3)

People naturally seek leadership. They yearn for the spiritually rich guidance that only a faith leader may provide. Change history and join us in becoming a climate leader today — your congregation depends on you.

What is Moral Leadership?

By  Bagas Prabowo for Global Ethics Network

  A leader comes in many forms. Whether you are white, black, Christians, or Muslims, everyone has the rights to be a leader in every way. From CEO of a company to an intern who lead his or her team to success behind the scene, everyone can be a leader and everyone needs one. Leaders have always been defined as someone who leads a party or a group, a person who guides us to a certain accomplishment. However, Leaders are not always just about leading somebody. Leaders are someone we look up to, someone who inspired us, someone who can turn ordinary things into something extraordinary. The famous phrase “leaders are born not made” can sometimes be a controversial statement, because leaders are made. Leadership skills can be learnt and thought throughout times.

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