Climate Action is Where You Are

Featuring Katherine Catalano, MS, Deputy Director, Center for Climate, Health and Equity, American Public Health Association; Karly Hampshire, Founder and Co-Director, Planetary Health Report Card Initiative; P. Qasimah Boston, DrPH, MPH, Co-Founder, Tallahassee Food Network; and Elizabeth Friedman, MD, MPH, Medical Director of Environmental Health, Children’s Mercy, Kansas City in conversation with Bruce Bekkar, MD, Fellow, Climate for Health, ecoAmerica.

Think global, act local — for your health and our climate. Climate impacts are felt everywhere, but we can act in our own communities to make a difference, and those communities most impacted by climate change need to be the real drivers of climate policy. Building on the National Public Health Week theme, “”Public Health is Where You Are,”” guests on this special episode of Let’s Talk Climate co-hosted with the American Public Health Association will talk about local climate action that supports health and equity.

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