The Oil & Gas Industry Admits That Climate Change is Real and Man-Made!

In recent months, top leaders have been forced to take a stance on climate change, such was the case when Bernie Sanders pressed the senatorial issue last January. Now, the oil industry has been asked to do the same, and the results are astounding. A vast majority of surveyed oil and gas producers agree that climate change is real, man-made and fossil fuel burning must be reduced to see a change.

This may come as a shock to climate leaders who have listened to oil companies (and, those beholden to them), repeatedly deny climate change. But, this shift represents a positive change in American climate attitudes. In short, what we are doing is working!

Oil & Gas industry Opinions About Climate Change  

By JERRY TAYLOR for Niskanen Center

My colleague Sarah Hunt pointed out yesterday that public opinion is more supportive of government action against greenhouse gas emissions than conservatives might like to believe. While one might put that in the basket of “Things I Already Know,” another opinion survey from last spring is a bit more interesting. To wit, even oil and gas insiders have been persuaded of the seriousness of climate change risks and the need for government to act.

Warren Business Consulting surveyed 474 of these corporate actors about their opinions on climate change.  


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