The Moral Imperative to Improve Planetary Health Through Climate Solutions

While there may be different motivations and pathways, studies and scripture have led us to the same conclusion: faith and health leaders alike recognize the urgent moral imperative to act on climate change. People — our friends, families, and neighbors — feel the impacts of climate change right now. And in response, we need to act swiftly  to prevent the worst case scenarios for ourselves, our children, and future generations. This includes curbing carbon emissions, preparing for the changes already happening, and ensuring that these solutions are both effective and equitable. There is incredible power in leveraging the voices of health and faith leaders on climate change to make a bigger impact.


Last week, Climate for Health and Blessed Tomorrow, partnered with the Planetary Health Alliance, Harvard Divinity School, and the Center for the Study of World Religions to host a webinar, “The Moral Imperative to Improve Planetary Health Through Climate Solutions.” Cross-sector dialogue connected the available data on the direct health impacts of climate change and global environmental degradation with lessons from scripture and the lived experiences of communities. 

Faith and health leaders are some of the most trusted voices for information and guidance on climate change action, and are intimately aware of the experiences of those they serve. Both can inspire meaningful action on climate solutions, especially when they are heard in unison. 

Watch the webinar, here:

Highlights from our webinar speakers include:

Dr. Teddie Potter defines herself as a nurse with a scientific background and a person of faith who does not have any trouble navigating those two identities. She says, 

“Science is deeply engaged in ethical considerations and ethical questions. It is an ethical practice. We would not be coming up with any ideas for areas of inquiry or research if we were not naturally oriented towards wonder and awe.”

We also know those most impacted by climate change are contributing the least to it. Kristie Trousdale details how children face unique susceptibilities to climate change impacts, as context for how youth around the world are currently taking to the streets to demand a healthier future.

Reverend Michael Malcom offers a question from his mentor, Reverend Gerald Durley, “How can we preach to them in their pews when they can’t breathe out in public?” Climate change hurts our ability to breathe, and also damages the spirit. Centering environmental justice in climate solutions brings us closer to health, racial, and economic equity.

Reverend Jim Antal shares his recent experience of faith and health sector collaboration with his partnership with the American Psychiatric Association. In discussions on public health, mental health and faith, Jim advocates that faith-based leaders can complement the scientific authority of health professionals and unify efforts to advocate for significant action from policymakers, elected leaders, and the general public. 

The webinar panelists and audience members share an appreciation for the urgency of action and the potential for cross-sector collaboration. How can health and faith leaders in communities across the country come together to cut through divisive rhetoric? Naming the universal moral imperative to act on climate change is a start. Other ideas include the importance of local or regional coalitions, sharing information about climate change’s impact on the most vulnerable, and communicating the urgency of taking action. 

Watch the full webinar here.

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