Blessed Tomorrow Launches Unety Program for Houses of Worship

By Jennifer Giordano

Blessed Tomorrow Launches Unety Program for Houses of Worship

Blessed Tomorrow formally launched the Unety platform to provide a marketplace that connects congregations with both financial capital and vetted contractors for both current and recent projects that reduce carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency. With the Unety platform, houses of worship will be able to instantly plan projects, shop for vendors, and access one of the largest networks of its kind in the US. Contact us to learn more and schedule a demo of the program: [email protected].



Helpful Links

  • Get Crisis Capital for Building Upgrade Projects
    Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), a state-level government program available throughout the US, can in many locations now be used to replenish cash accounts to help houses of worship get through hard times.
  • Prepare for Any Season
    As you prepare for seasonal changes, whether winter or summer, ensure your House of Worship has all of the working equipment for a comfortable experience when the weather outside is extreme.
  • Care for Creation by Going Green
    Help make a bigger impact on our communities by putting faith in sustainability and renewable energy.
  • Unety Program Overview
    Blessed Tomorrow launched Unety to provide a platform that connects congregations with both attractive funding and qualified contractors for sustainability projects that improve the triple bottom line of houses of worship.
  • Watch the Unety Platform Video

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