Religious Leaders Offer Theological Guidance at Summit of Conscience for Climate

With COP21 just five months away, organizations are attempting to preemptively address many of the issues scheduled to be addressed in September. While US mayors were at the Vatican, hashing out climate issues with the Pope, faith leaders from around the world met in Paris for the “Summit of Conscience for Climate”, hosted by Nicolas Hulot, the French President’s Special Envoy for the protection of the planet.

Alongside faith leaders that included H. Em. Cardinal Turkson, Rabbi David Rosen, Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, and Blessed Tomorrow leader, Rev. Fletcher Harper, were some of the world's top economists, political leaders, and artists, representing a joint effort across sectors. Together the group discussed ways in which their respective philosophical and theological teachings might help guide policy formation this September. 

Summit of Conscience for Climate

Why Do I Care

People from many of the world’s religions and wisdoms will meet in Paris on July 21 for a World Summit of Conscience to answer the question "Why do I care about the planet?” and launch a “Call to Conscience for the climate”.

It is only a mobilization of conscience on a global scale that will enable humanity to meet this great challenge confronting us: how to limit global warming by taking real action, including reducing our consumption of fossil fuels.

Time is short. This is not only a political economic or ecological issue. It is the future of humanity that is at stake.

Each of us is called to respond now to the questions: is it important to me that the adventure of mankind on Earth can continue? Am I ready to change my lifestyle today so that the children of our children come into this world in tolerable conditions? And why, ultimately, do I care enough to do so?

In the preamble to the COP 21 Climate Conference, in Paris, the Summit of Conscience launches the "Why do I care?” campaign. It is an invitation to everyone – leaders, personalities and citizens of all countries of the world and of all faiths – to respond to this question, based on their own conscience and their own story.

Why do I care?

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