Religious Groups Call on Pfizer to Act for the Climate

Religious leaders and organizations have joined forces to encourage Pfizer Pharmaceutical company to cut ties with climate change denier American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The coalition of almost 80 groups (religious and non-religious) cite ALEC's denial of climate change and opposition to renewable energy measures as motivation for Pfizer to cut ties.

Common Cause, the non profit organization charged with the task of persuading Pfizer to correct their ways, strikes a particular chord with me. It is one of many examples in which religious and non religious groups have come together to act for the climate.

Climate action is about human welfare; regardless of religious affiliation, cliché or party. In this sense, climate change is the great equalizer that requires everyone to band together.

More Than 80 Groups Urge Pfizer to Leave Climate-Denier ALEC

By People's World 

Common Cause joined a coalition of 84 public interest, religious, environmental, labor, public health, civil rights, and investor organizations today in calling on pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to end its membership in the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

The letter to Pfizer signed by the organizations argues that the company's corporate social responsibility policies do not line up with ALEC's public policy agenda. Specifically, the letter contrasts Pfizer's public commitment to addressing climate change with ALEC's denial of climate change and opposition to renewable energy measures. The letter also highlights differences between ALEC and Pfizer on public health laws, citing ALEC's support of the tobacco industry.

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