Pro-Life Opinions Bring Christians To Creation Care Action

Do pro-life opinions obligate you to creation care initiatives? Many Christians are starting to think so and their argument is actually quite straight-forward. If you believe that a child's right to life should be protected, shouldn’t you aim to protect that child after they are born? What about during the gestation period?

Historically, the pro-life movement has narrowed their focused to securing birth; often neglecting what happens before and after. But when high levels of mercury were first detected among 1 in 6 newborn American children, it became apparent that safeguarding unborn life meant more than securing their birth.

God telling us to ‘be fruitful and multiply’ (Genesis 1:28), obligates us to the sacred responsibility of continuing a healthy lineage. A lineage in which we thrive, live and love. 

Our own Joel Hunter, Blessed Tomorrow leader and senior pastor of Florida’s Northland Church, recently penned an article on this matter entitled, ‘Evangelical clergy say addressing climate change is pro-life’

Reverend Hunter insists that to continue ‘God’s seamless garment of life’, we must maintain a healthy environment for our children to prosper and the only way to achieve that task is through creation care. 

Evangelical Clergy Say Addressing Climate Change is Pro-Life

By Rev. Joel Hunter for The Florida Times Herald

While the threats may be different, the injunction to protect life is the same.

We are called to protect this seamless garment of life.

Toxins and other pollutants foul our water, air and soil, impacting the purity of life God intends.


Children are especially vulnerable to many of these pollutants because their small bodies are still developing.

A few years ago, pro-life evangelicals spoke out on the impact of mercury on the unborn. One in six children in the U.S. was born with too high levels of mercury in their blood.

Because of the efforts of pro-life evangelicals, the United States is taking a leadership role in reducing the impact of mercury on the unborn.

Another important issue is water. As a recent USA Today op-ed put it, if you care about life, pay attention to what’s happening with water.

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