North Carolina Mosque Joins Solar Power Initiative

Last February, 6,000 Jordanian mosques adopted solar power in a joint effort to address the growing role of faith communities in climate action. Similarly, an American mosque has taken the call to climate action seriously by promising to install solar panels on their Masjid in North Carolina.

The initiative, prompted by the release of the Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change, finds its roots in Quranic scripture that encourages Muslims to be stewards of creation, as Osama Idilbi, president of MAS Charlotte, shared,

"There are many verses in the Qur'an explaining how God has made us stewards of the earth. With this solar project, our intent is to create a way for our members to tread lightly on creation, conserve resources and lead by example. We want solar for MAS because we believe there are better ways to get energy—ways that don’t pollute our water or create conflict."

North Carolina mosque aiming to be among first in country to go solar

Sami Grover | Tree Hugger

From plans for 6,000 solar-powered mosques in Jordan to a community-funded solar mosque in Turkey, many muslims across the world have been embracing clean energy.

Now a mosque in Charlotte, North Carolina is aiming to also do its part in promoting creation care—partnering with a local solar company to encourage 40 congregants to install solar on their homes, and in return receiving a 32.24 Kw solar array as a donation from PowerHome Solar, located in Moorseville, NC.

The nature of the arrangement is, in part, because North Carolina's regulated energy market makes it extremely hard for faith communities to benefit from the various clean energy incentives. Here's how the press release from the Mosque sums up the challenge:

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