New Resource Announcement: The Moving Forward Guide

By Blessed Tomorrow Team

We desire to live out our faith every day and to serve God and work for good, peace and justice in our communities. Now, our work has an added urgency. Climate change, as we now know, is not just a slow-moving shift in global temperature. It can manifest in a variety of ways. Our neighbors in Louisiana will see more intense hurricanes and heat waves more often. Those in California will have to deal with worse droughts and more extreme wildfires. Between them, we're already seeing our friends in Nebraska and Oklahoma suffer through tornadoes, floods, and unusual rainfall patterns. Changes to our climate are already impacting communities across the United States and the world. These changes reach us all, especially impacting the least and most vulnerable among us. This is why climate change is often called the greatest moral imperative of our time.

But we have hope, and the solutions are within reach. Our latest guide, Moving Forward: A Guide to Climate Action for Your Congregation and Community, provides you with guidance and tools to reduce energy use, to build resilient houses of worship for refuge from a changing climate, and to support policies which better care for creation. Join millions of faithful people from a variety of traditions who are already leading on climate change. Become a part of the movement to heal the world and protect future generations.

The Moving Forward guide is just the start! Engage with us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and sign up for the monthly Blessed Tomorrow newsletter at to get fresh ideas and resources straight to your inbox.  Blessed Tomorrow and our coalition of faith institutions and leaders are here to help you care for God’s Creation and work for climate solutions in your community. Download the Moving Forward guide here!


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