Network of Jesuit University Leaders Address Climate Change at Chicago Sustainability Conference

Jesuits Universities in America have long since been a tight network of higher education leaders, and now the timeless institutions are extending their efforts to climate change. Over the weekend, Jesuit universities from all over America, and delegates form around the world, met at the second annual Loyola University Chicago Climate Change Conference to discuss ways in which Jesuit Universities might add to the climate discussions.

Relying heavily on the moral principles supporting creation care, speakers (both Jesuit and not) delivered a powerful message of hope and inspiration though the form of poetry, climate change statistics and Biblically based reasoning to care for God's creation.

Find out why Jesuits are taking a stand for creation care and how you may join the effort!

Jesuits Schools Explore Their Role in Addressing Climate Change at Loyola Chicago Conference

By James Hug for National Catholic Reporter 

CHICAGO-How can Jesuit institutions worldwide make a unified difference on climate change?

That is the central, underlying question at the second annual at Loyola University Chicago Climate Change Conference, which opened Thursday on the school’s North Shore Campus. The conference, which continues through Saturday, is co-sponsored by the six Jesuit universities of the upper Midwest and aims to “tend to” and serve the needs of the Earth at this crucial time in planetary history.

The conference literature set its purpose as exploring “the implications of ‘tending earth’ through an interdisciplinary reflection on the ethical principles, policies, and actions needed to combat the crisis of global climate change.”

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