Muslims Stamp Out Styrofoam for Ramadan

It's that time of year when Muslims around the world partake in the month long Islamic holiday of Ramadan. Every night, the daily fast is broken with Iftar, a gathering of people at mosque and homes around the world – meaning a lot of food that is often served on styrofoam materials. 

This year, Muslims are making a concerted effort to transition away from the use of unsustainable materials to act for the climate. Green Ramadan has developed three steps for their initiative S.O.S (Stamp Out Styrofoam) to make this year's Ramadan environmentally friendly by offering alternatives to the polluting materials. 

As hundreds of people pass through your masjid every night, consider the difference you may make for Allah's (SWT) wonderful creation by simply adopting these three principles for stamping out styrofoam.

Three Reasons to Stamp Out Styrofoam This Ramadan

By Green Ramadan

Ramadan is approaching! Some of us are already getting ready. Our masajid are preparing to serve hundreds of believers on a nightly basis. Join the Green Ramadan effort to Stamp Out Styrofoam this Ramadan.

Here are three simple reasons why we should Stamp Out Styrofoam:

1) Polystyrene foam, commonly known as Styrofoam, contains toxic chemicals that can harm our health and reproductive systems. These chemicals can leach into our food, especially when used in the microwave.

2) Styrofoam is not accepted in most recycling programs and so ends up in our local landfill, adds to the huge litter problem, or ends up in the bellies of land and sea animals.

3) Sure, it’s cheap, but that cheap, single-use cup, plate or bowl takes hundreds of years to biodegrade, if ever. We want our good deeds to last forever, not our iftar plates.

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