Masha’Allah! Muslim Scholars Release Call to Climate Action!

By path2positive

In 2009, over 200 Muslim leaders developed a seven-year plan for climate action, an initiative that inspired 1.4 billion Muslims around the world to care for creation. It has been just over six years, and the number of global Muslims has risen to 1.6 billion, but the message remains the same. Muslims are called by their faith to take a stand for the climate, insha'Allah. 

Acting as a culmination of efforts stemming from the initial request, an open letter and call to action is set for release tomorrow in Istanbul. Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje shared, “Islam teaches us: 'Man is simply a steward holding whatever is on Earth in trust.'" From encouraging people to green their Hajj, to insisting that all mosques articulate their intention to act for the climate, the forthcoming letter is anticipated as being major shift in faith-based climate action 

This Jummah, focus your Khutbah on climate action and encourage sustainability in the Umma.

Prominent Muslim Leaders To Issue Sweeping Call To Act On Climate

By Jack Jenkins | Think Progress 

Prominent Muslim leaders are putting the final touches on a new statement on climate change, hoping to issue a sweeping call to protect the planet and insist that followers of Islam have a religious duty to help the environment.

The declaration is set to be unveiled at the end of a two-day climate change-themed symposium being held next week in Istanbul, Turkey. Participants include Islamic scholars, policy makers, academics, and Muslim activists as well as representatives from the United Nations — all organized by Islamic Relief Worldwide, the Islamic Forum for Ecology and Environmental Sciences, and GreenFaith.

“Islam teaches us: ‘Man is simply a steward holding whatever is on Earth in trust,’” said Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, Uganda’s grand mufti, according to email about the conference from the Climate Action Network (CAN). “Therefore man should ensure that we do everything possible to protect for this and future generations in order to leave this world a better place than we found it.”

The final document, scheduled for release next Tuesday, will ask leaders at madrasas and mosques to articulate the Islamic impetus for helping curb the effects of global warming. It will also challenge wealthy countries to “drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as well as to support vulnerable communities, both in addressing the impacts of climate change and in harnessing renewable energy,” according to an email from CAN.

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