Jane Goodall Discovers Climate Hope in Pope Francis

By path2positive

World-renowned primatologist, anthropologist and a United Nations Ambassador of Peace, Jane Goodall shared, "[Pope Francis] is absolutely amazing and he gives me more hope than almost anybody else alive at this time today." Praising his call to care for creation, 81-year-old Goodall expressed her climate hope in Pope Francis while attending The Parliament of World's Religions this weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

With renewed optimism, Goodall continued, "I hope that hundreds and thousands of young Catholics who might not have been concerned with the environment will become concerned." Goodall, among many other scientists and faith leaders, has publically supported Pope Francis effort(s) to insight concern for the environment. 

Perhaps a mark of Pope Francis scientific background, there is a growing respect and admiration being forged between scientific study and religious insight. While historically, the two have commonly shared a healthy discourse, Pope Francis envisions a greater medley of collaboration between the two, offering great insights on issues simultaneously.

Jane Goodall at Parliament: Pope Francis gives me hope on environment

Anne Marie Hankins | Religion News Services

SALT LAKE CITY (RNS) Jane Goodall is a world-renowned primatologist, anthropologist and a United Nations Ambassador of Peace. Through her groundbreaking research with chimpanzees she helped the world understand humans’ relationship with wildlife and the environment. At the Parliament of the World’s Religions, which concluded its five-day run in Salt Lake City Monday (Oct. 19), Goodall, 81, spoke about uniting religious and spiritual communities to save the environment, one of the conference’s main areas of concern. She sat down with Religion News Service to describe her new program, Roots & Shoots, an organization that equips children to tackle environmental problems.

Q: What do you think about Pope Francis’ call to action for Catholics and other religious groups to take care of the Earth?

A: I think Pope Francis should be canonized on the spot. He’s absolutely amazing and he gives me more hope than almost anybody else alive at this time today. He’s brave, he’s tackling some very ancient customs which are not good ones, he has not been afraid to speak out and perhaps one of the major things is, he walks his talk. Imagine another pope going around in New York in a little tiny car!

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