How One Conservative Evangelical, Climate Change Denier Came to Care for Creation

Swaddled in a blanket of misconception, one Evangelical theologian spent years of his life publicly denying climate change. Working with the understanding that climate change was a hoax, propagated by left-wing conspiracy theorists, Dr. Scott Rodin dissuaded a great many from accepting a cause that he saw as being tied politically to fringe liberals. 

In his article, As a Conservative, Evangelical Republican, Why Climate Change Can't be True (Even Though It Is),  Rodin outlines the foundational thoughts of his worldview that stopped him from accepting climate change. All of which were far from theological proofs; a realization he came to a few years ago when he finally embraced climate change.

Accepting climate change is a difficult process for many conservative Evangelicals, but Rodin is living proof that it is possible, and many more are following along.

As a Conservative, Evangelical Republican, Why Climate Change Can't be True (Even Though It Is)

By Dr. Scott Rodin for The Steward's Journey

Imagine a mathematician basing his or her entire life’s work on the premise that 1+1 = 3. Absurd, right? Yet a few years ago I came to the conclusion that I had done exactly that when it came to my views on climate change. Here was my flawed formula. 

I had spent nearly ten years of my life writing, speaking and teaching on biblical stewardship. As an evangelical theologian, I was (and am) passionate about helping Christians understand the full meaning of what it means to be a faithful steward in every area of their life. That included care for God’s creation.

Add to that that I’m a product of the 60’s when we believed that science was trustworthy on most things. I have no reason to doubt conclusions that come from a broad consensus of scientists. I am no conspiracy theorist, and I have a basic trust in the veracity of scientific data, especially when it is confirmed on a broad scale.

What is the conclusion that I drew from the combination of my passion for stewardship plus a basic trust in science? I was an adamant climate change denier. Yup, 1+1 = 3. Global warming was a hoax. Environmentalism was a word you said with a sneer on your lips. I cared for God’s creation and held science in the highest regard, all while sitting at home watching Whale Wars and rooting for the Japanese whaling ships (seriously). For some unknown reason I lived comfortably with this irreconcilable internal contradiction.

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