How Do I Write a Sermon for Faith Climate Action Week?

Every week, you plan your sermon, khutbah, homily, or derasha, designed to guide your congregation on the moral issues that matter most. Ranging in form, your powerful message helps navigate the nuances of living piously through God's divine love and mercy. 

With Faith Climate Action Week fast approaching, you may, however, find yourself wondering how to introduce the idea of climate change to your congregation. Or, perhaps you are trying to take that motivational climate message to the next level. Either way, our partner, Interfaith Power and Light has developed surefire talking points that will engage and motivate your flock to collectively act on climate…and now you can have them all!

For example:

  • Expressing why she 'believes that care for Creation is as central to the Christian faith as love, justice and peace,' Blessed Tomorrow Leader and Interfaith Power and Light President and founder, Rev. Sally Bingham moves the masses with this powerful message. Continually drawing the audience back to the primary concern of Christians to 'love thy neighbor,' Bingham articulates exactly why creation care is critical to the Christain faith. 
  • Rabbi Mark Kaiserman explains that despite growing 

    up in Brooklyn, it was more than the 'weeds in the cracked sidewalks' that motivated him to act on climate. Kaiserman examines how high holiday themes and stories are a clear indicator and great reminder for city centered Jewish communities that creation care is central to G-d's 
  • Musing on the Muslim submission to the divine, Dr. Hamid Mavani's Khutbah highlights why 'peace' is critical to our understanding of Islam. Union with other humans is perhaps the most common application of this creed, but it is far from am isolated manifestation. Islam entails peace not only with other humans but all of Allah's (SWT) offering, including animals and the natural word. Mavani details why our deen must exemplify the path laid out by Prophet Muhammad (SAW), encouraging Muslims to respect and love all that has been allowed in Dunya.

These are just a few of the sample sermons and talks available to help you guide your unique faith group in the right direction. Fill your congregation with the spirit of love and make this year's Faith Climate Action Week one to remember.

Check out these faith specific sample sermons, worship tools and more at the Faith Climate Action Week resource center:

Sample Sermons and Talks 

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