For Rev. Nancy Wilson, Talking About Climate Change Isn’t Enough

By path2positive

As the Moderator of Metropolitan Community Churches, Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson is attuned to the issues that face her congregation. While the longtime Reverend recognizes the impact Pope Francis' Laudato Si and U.S. visit had on the creation care movement, it simply is not enough. As Katharine Hayhoe shared in a recent interview with Global Thinkers Podcast, there are stages to climate action. Science tells us that climate change is happening while faith tells us what to do about it.

Rev. Wilson illuminates a third, critical stage of transforming that moral imperative into action that requires divesting from fossil fuels, taking the Paris Pledge, and aligning oneself with organizations and congregations that animate Pope Francis' call to care for our 'common home.' Rev. Wilson is, among many efforts, taking a stand for the climate through her leadership at Blessed Tomorrow

"Blessed Tomorrow is a coalition of faith leaders who are working with the congregations and with national leaders to mobilize all people of faith to address climate change." -Rev. Nancy Wilson

Blessed Tomorrow was honored to host Rev. Wilson at last week's, Coming to Together in Faith on Climate, an interfaith initiative that empowered faith leaders to care for creation. If you would like to take a climate stand with Rev. Wilson, sign up today!

Will Pope Francis Save the Planet?

Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson | Huffington Post: Religion

The New Republic headline declared, "Pope Francis Won't Save the Planet." Maybe not, but we can! It is time to stop unchecked climate change. The life you save could be your own.

Pope Francis may be the best known and the most beloved planetary leader ever. His flock is over one billion strong, and they represent about half of all Christians. Catholics and Protestants alike are inspired by his dedication to the poor, and belief in the full humanity of prisoners and immigrants. His outspoken encyclical on climate care, his willingness to meet with sex-abuse victims, and to clean up the Vatican bank are all historic expressions of accountability as well as compassion.

The trip to the United States by the Pope is timed perfectly for a lead-up to the United Nations Sustainable Development meeting, which is considering a plan to eliminate hunger and poverty in 15 years. We can do it if we choose. But will we?

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