Find Ways to Reduce Fossil Fuel Dependency for Global Divestment Day

A conservative estimate of emissions resulting from the burning fossil fuels is around 6%, according to the EPA. That’s not including the production necessary to manufacture those energies. While leaders across America have made tremendous headway in encouraging top officials to place heavier restrictions on the burning of fossil fuels, legislation simply is not moving fast enough. 

Today is Fossil Fuel Divestment Day, a global effort to encourage individuals and institutions to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels. Already, 181 institutions have divested, accounting for $50 billion in assets to be diverted away from fossil fuels in 2012 alone!

Join the global effort by divest from fossil fuels at your church, synagogue or mosque today!

Global Divestment Day

Global Divestment Day is a chance for fossil fuel divestment campaigns from around the world to stand together proudly and amplify a message that’s so much bigger than one country or one region. But the fossil fuel divestment movement started here in North America, and many of the existing campaigns in the United States and Canada are farther along in their campaigning — or simply taking a different tack — than campaigns elsewhere in the world.

This guide is to help North American divestment organizers deepen their participation in Global Divestment Day and frame their events in a way that makes sense for their campaigning context. This guide is meant to serve as a supplement to the general Global Divestment Day Organizing Guide.

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