Faith and Climate News: Top Stories for the Week of Sept 2 – Sep 8

Every Friday, Blessed Tomorrow releases the top faith and climate stories from the previous week. This roundup highlights achievements in climate solutions and effective climate communications from and for people of faith. We feature helpful tips and strategies for you to implement in your faith community and stories to inspire everyone.

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Why Faith Groups Should Strive to Ease the Burden Brought on by Hurricane Harvey

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, displaced Texas and Louisiana residents are seeking refuge. Many have found comfort behind the doors of churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples. The hospitality of these religious centers has started a worldwide conversation about the duty of faith leaders to provide relief. How should we help God’s people in times of trouble? Is it ever okay to close our doors to them? Continue reading on ecoAmerica’s Blessed Tomorrow blog.

Lessons from Harvey: The Need to Lead

Hurricane Harvey, which struck Houston late last month, was unprecedented: The category 4 storm left some 50 inches of rain in its wake, killing more than 60 people and displacing well over 50,000 residents to date. And the extent of damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure is still being calculated. Continue reading on the ecoAmerica blog.

Three-million Muslims Pray for the Environment During Hajj 2017

This year, like years before, millions of Muslims made their pilgrimage to Mecca. Along with prayers for world peace and family wellness, this year’s group also had prayers for the planet. Read this article from The Independent.

Is America Religiously and Politically Divided on Climate Change? Can We Find Common Ground?

Views in America may be divided based on political affiliation and religious beliefs. What does this mean for the issue of climate change? Will the U.S. ever unite to help solve the issue? Read this op-ed from The Federalist.

Christians United on Climate Change Beliefs

In the past, there has been controversy in the Christian community on the legitimacy of climate change and how it really impacts the Earth. This month, however, Christians appear to be more united than ever in their views. Christian Post has more information on the matter.


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