Faith and Climate News: Top Stories for the Week of Oct 7 – 13

By path2positive

Every Friday, Blessed Tomorrow releases the top faith and climate stories from the previous week. This roundup highlights achievements in climate solutions and effective climate communications from and for people of faith. We feature helpful tips and strategies for you to implement in your faith community and stories to inspire everyone.

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American Climate Leadership Summit: Guidance from Preceding Faith Leaders Leads to 'Taking Up the Mantle'

In 2016, the United States led climate solutions by passing important legislation and partnering with other progressive countries as a member of a United Nations-run accord known as the Paris Climate Agreement. When leaders gathered at the 2016 American Climate Leadership Summit, these recommendations were produced specifically to guide faith leadership around climate change. Read the recommendations here

Hurricane Nate Reaches the Gulf Coast

After months of devastation from hurricanes in the United States and the Caribbean, Hurricane Nate reared its head. However, the impact of the storm wasn’t as big as expected. Read this NY Times article about Hurricane Nate

Seizing the Moment to Lead on Climate 

The sorts of weather extremes we have witnessed this year alone, encompassing the whole range of impacts scientists have predicted, prove that we can no longer rely on our understanding of past climate patterns to anticipate and prepare for weather variations and their devastating consequences. Continue reading on the ecoAmerica blog

A Minneapolis Church Revives its 80-Year Building in an Energy-Efficient Way

Mount Olivet Lutheran Church was simply upholding its principles of faith by helping the planet. One leader said, “...we soon realized we were doing something pioneering.” Read this article

Climate for Health: Honoring Children’s Environmental Health Day

Now more than ever, the need to protect the health of the most vulnerable among us is paramount. Children are our most valuable resources, they represent the very future of our nation, and yet over the past few decades, they have been facing increasing rates of chronic illness and developmental concerns linked to environmental exposures and our changing climate. Continue reading on the Climate for Health blog

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