Faith and Climate News: Top Stories for the Week of June 9 – 16

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Every Friday, Blessed Tomorrow releases the top faith and climate stories from the previous week. This roundup highlights achievements in climate solutions and effective climate communications from and for people of faith. We feature helpful tips and strategies for you to implement in your faith community and stories to inspire everyone.

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God’s Earth Impacted by Climate Change

God provided specific instructions on how to care for the land, the animals, and ourselves. It is through creation care, stewardship, and consistent action that we can shape a more environmentally sound future for ourselves and the planet.

Citizens Climate Lobby Conference 2017: A Climate Warrior’s Love Letter

The 2017 Citizens Climate Lobby Conference was held in the nation’s capital from June 11th to June 13th. There, many faith organizations, sector leaders, and government stakeholders gathered to discuss climate change and strategize climate solutions. Following the first day of the conference, Davia Rivka shared her CCL Conference experience.

Some Christians Are On-Board with Trump’s Paris Accord Withdrawal, Brian Kaylor Acknowledges Those Who Are Not

As a former attendee of the 2015 Paris climate talks, Associate Director, Brian Kaylor of Churchnet, recognizes the many Christians who advocate for climate solutions.

These believers are from all around the world but mostly hail from countries directly affected by climate change. In this article, Kaylor recounts his interactions with these creation care leaders.

Catholic Theologians Host a Q&A to Discuss the Paris Decision and Creation Care

Adding to the long list of faith organizations who have spoken out against President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Climate Accord, multiple Catholic theological organizations held a Q&A session at the annual meeting of the Catholic Theological Society of America.

What Role Must Followers of Judaism Take in Caring for the Earth, According to the Torah?

Preservation and care for the Earth is a requirement for followers of Judaism. In the Book of Bereishit (Genesis), God instructs Adam to do just that in the garden of Eden and beyond. What can rabbis, and other Jewish community leaders do to help the planet?




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