Faith and Climate News: Top Stories for the Week of Dec 2 – 8

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Every Friday, Blessed Tomorrow releases the top faith and climate stories from the previous week. This roundup highlights achievements in climate solutions and effective climate communications from and for people of faith. We feature helpful tips and strategies for you to implement in your faith community and stories to inspire everyone.

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Faith Groups Respond to U.S. Climate Migration in Real-Time

Climate migration is one of the many climate effects that experts said was already happening around the world and soon America itself would begin to see refugees migrate from islands and coastal states to escape the severe weather. Indeed, since Hurricane Maria, more than 100,000 Puerto Ricans have relocated to nearby Florida. Continue reading this trending article.

How Can Humans Win the Fight Against Climate Change?

Certain human activity feeds climate change. Scientists believe they have discovered a resource that can potentially help end global warming. Read this Quartz article.

What Happened at the 2017 North American Climate Summit?

Aside from former President Obama addressing the 45 mayors who committed to lead on climate, here’s what happened at this week’s summit in Chicago…

Tikkun Olam and Mitigating Climate Change

For followers of Judaism, “achieving environmental justice is to create tikkun olam.” This means 'repair of the world' and for convenience, God left guidance on how to do so in the Torah. Read this article.

Enjoyed the articles above? Here are some other titles that are currently trending on the Blessed Tomorrow blog…

Before Disaster Strikes

By Rev. Jenny Phillips, United Methodist Committee on Relief

Ways We Can Combat Climate Change

By Joe Iovino, United Methodist Church

5 Things to Talk About When Inspiring Fellow Faith Leaders to Lead on Climate Change

By Nichole Tucker, Blessed Tomorrow


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