Faith and Climate News: Top Stories for the Week of August 11-18

Every Friday, Blessed Tomorrow releases the top faith and climate stories from the previous week. This roundup highlights achievements in climate solutions and effective climate communications from and for people of faith. We feature helpful tips and strategies for you to implement in your faith community and stories to inspire everyone.

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Before Disaster Strikes

We know that climate change and environmental degradation can intensify extreme weather events and contribute to conditions that lead to conflict and community instability. It is not enough to respond to crises; we must do all we can to prevent them. This means addressing the modes of living that cause climate change and environmental degradation, including over-consumption, deforestation, poor water management and agricultural practices that diminish the land. Continue reading this article by UMCOR’s Rev. Jenny Phillips on the ecoAmerica’s Blessed Tomorrow blog.

Is Climate Change A Job For Evangelicals?

Climate change is widely considered to be one of the most important issues facing the world. While most Christians believe in creation care, Evangelical Christians are driven to act on climate. Read this op-ed from Clean Technica.

Howard County, MD Jewish Community Raises Thousands for the People of Uganda

The East African famine is a direct result of climate change. Recently, the Howard County Board of Rabbis raised over $9,000 to help a community in Uganda. Read about their efforts here.

Is China Handling Climate Change More Efficiently than the United States?

Unlike the U.S., People’s Republic of China was among the countries who committed to lowering greenhouse emissions through the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. In what other ways is China leading on climate? Read this article.

Climate Affects Human Health. How?

ecoAmerica’s Climate for Health sector has looked into the connection between climate and health for some time. Now, The NIH has more information about what aspects of human health are affected by climate. Read more about the new research in this Healthline article.

American Farmers Know Climate Change

Farmers can see the change in rain patterns and experience its impact on crops first hand. This means that farmers could be more affected by climate than any other group in the country. Learn more about what farmers are facing.

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