Faith and Climate News: June 2-June 9

Every Friday, Blessed Tomorrow releases the top faith and climate stories from the previous week. This roundup highlights achievements in climate solutions and effective climate communications from and for people of faith. We feature helpful tips and strategies for you to implement in your faith community and stories to inspire everyone.

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Paris Accord: These Churches Want the U.S. Back on Track with Climate Solutions

The long-awaited decision from President Donald Trump on the Climate Change Paris Accord was one that many climate leaders do not approve of. In the faith community, a similar response arose, but rather than simply opposing Trump’s choice, these organizations are urging him to reconsider. 

Faith in Action: Kentucky’s Midway Christian Church takes the Green Chalice vow to Care for the Planet

In this video, Rev. Heather McColl, pastor of Midway Christian Church talks about the changes she’s made in her church which help to reduce Midway, KY’s impact on climate change.

The Vatican Invites Muslim to Join Them in “Safeguarding Creation”

Muslims and Christians share many common values. One of them is the obligation to care for the Earth. As the Catholic Church begins to reshape their climate change work to include new solutions that will replace the Paris Agreement – the Vatican extended an invitation for Muslims to do the same.

This Rabbi Has a Few Words for President Donald Trump About the Paris Exit

Rabbi Howard Goldsmith, just like other Jewish faithfuls, just ended his Shavuot celebration. But the commemoration was disrupted by the news of President Trump officially stating his decision to leave the Paris Climate Change Agreement. This decision, according to Goldsmith was in conflict with the purpose of the cherished Shavuot holiday.

Rev. Penny Greer Wants to Do Something about the Strange, New Weather Patterns in Nebraska

In the city of Lincoln, the rains come often. Rev. Penny Greer of Nebraska Interfaith Power and Light consulted with climate scientists to understand the changing weather and wants Nebraska to handle climate change on the state level.

Midday Podcast: An Interview with Three Faith-Driven Environmental Leaders

Bringing together leaders from the Abrahamic religions, Midday host, Tom Hall speaks with Rabbi Nina Beth, Jodi Rose and Emmalee June Aman about environmentalism and climate advocacy.

The Backstory Podcast: Katharine Hayhoe and Steven Amstrup Talk Polar Bears and Climate Change

Climate change is an important subject, but it doesn’t always take heavy statistics and science to start a conversation about it. Hayhoe and Amstrup teach us that Polar Bears are an example of what is to come if America doesn’t get serious about climate change.


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