Evangelical Pastor Pens Open Letter Urging Congress to Care for Creation

Evangelical pastor, Brian McLaren and Rev. Cameron Trimble, recently published, An Open Letter to the Republican Congress; in which they contend:

"We…care for the earth because like you, we are not scientists, which means we are obligated to listen to scientists, 97 percent of whom agree that climate change is real, and a real threat to our children and grandchildren. It threatens their safe water supply, food security, even peace."

The congressional majority is now Republican and while Blessed Tomorrow does not endorse any particular party, the current base does not have the best track record when it comes to climate care. McLaren and Trimble's open letter is especially crucial considering climate change denier, Ted Cruz' appointment to oversee NASA and science in congress.

While many in the congressional house may be climate change deniers, they are also self-identifying Christians. This grants us an opportunity – an open door for engagement. Many of the climate change denying congressman hinge their ideology on (poorly constructed) exegesis of the Bible and it's up to us to engage them by demonstrating how the scripture commands us to care for creation.

The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it – Genesis 2:15

Before drafting your own climate care letter to congress, visit Blessed Tomorrow, where we have developed letter writing tools for communicating on climate action.

An Open Letter to the Republican Congress

By Brian McLaren and Rev. Cameron Trimble for The Hill 

We are two Christian leaders, one a 50-something from an Evangelical background and the other a 30-something from a Mainline Protestant background. We have both served as local pastors and now national leaders who consult with multi-denominational Christian leadership around the United States.

You have a majority in Congress now, and nearly all of you identify as Christians. In our travels, we see and meet a nationwide, new moral majority of Christians who care deeply about a broad range of moral issues. So we want you to know that we speak to you on behalf of millions of sincere and highly committed Catholic, Orthodox, Mainline Protestant, and Evangelical Christians when we offer you this urgent message.

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