Evangelical Climate Leader Preaches Gospel Through Climate Action

By path2positive

Why should an Evangelical Christian care about climate change? Put simply, "because climate action is about defending human life," a calling that many Christians believe is at the heart of the gospel. For Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN) President, Mitch Hescox, the cornerstone of his evangelism is hinged on caring for the 'least of these' (Matthew 25). But, what does that actually mean in the Evangelical Christian context? Hescox shared in a recent interview that, "one in three children have asthma, autism, ADHD or severe allergies, all linked to our use of fossil fuels and petrochemicals." Calling himself an 'Evangelical Environmentalists,' Hescox not only feels compelled to remedy these climate consequences but understands this as an opportunity to spread the gospel...and spread he has.

Increasing from 15,000 to 600,000 followers (including 80 ministries) in just under 5 years, EEN has sparked a discussion amongst Evangelical Christians that simultaneously expands the way we think about the Synoptic Gospels and our role as stewards of God's creation. To learn more about EEN and the work Mitch Hescox is doing, visit the EEN website.

Q&A: Shrewsbury evangelical leads climate care

Caitlin Kerfin - ydr.com

With the recent pope's encyclical, Catholics have been talking about the environment, but they're not the only denomination working to better lives here on Earth.

The Rev. Mitch Hescox of Shrewsbury is president and CEO of the Evangelical Environmental Network and travels around the country speaking and teaching evangelicals about creation care. In fact, in August he'll be flying to Rome to meet with Catholic leaders on issues they have in common- care for creation and climate change.

What is the Evangelical Environmental Network's perspective on climate change and how do you relate environmental care to faith?

The need for climate action is an urgent imperative and a moral obligation for evangelicals and all people of faith. Why? Because climate action is about defending human life.

While a shrinking few still try to deny the scientific reality of climate change, Americans and people overseas daily face the impacts of our warming world. And the most tragically harmed now are the world's poorest populations who have contributed the least to greenhouse gas pollution. We need to care for the least of these, who the Bible commands us to care about most.

Every child, born and yet-to-be born, deserves the promise and holy covenant of clean air and a healthy climate. Pollution from dirty vehicles and power generation is literally taking their breath away, and action is needed to help protect our kids and other susceptible populations, like the elderly.

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