Earth Day Prompts Faith Leaders to Address Our Responsibility to Care for Creation

The 45th annual Earth Day is upon us, prompting President Obama to speak about climate change during his weekly address, sharing, ‘It is about protecting our God given natural wonders.’ 

But, to do this, we need faith leaders to speak up. Katharine Hayhoe, recently stated in an interview with Iowa Public Radio, "The number one predictor of our opinions on climate change are the thought leaders we listen to.” Religious leaders have a unique opportunity to inform their congregation(s) about their ‘theological responsibility’ to care for creation, and this Earth Day is a great time to start, if you haven't already. Visit Blessed Tomorrow, for guidelines and tools to lead your congregation to stewardship!

"Theological Responsibility" for Climate Change

By CLARE ROTH & BEN KIEFFER For Iowa Public Radio 

Evangelical Protestants are more likely than any other religious group to be climate change skeptics, according to a November 2014 report from the Public Religion Research Institute. But one Evangelical Christian disagrees. 

Katharine Hayhoe is an atmospheric scientist and the director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech University. She says it's frustrating that people see religion and climate science as mutually exclusive.

"God gave responsibility of this planet and every living thing on this planet, including plants, animals and humans, to us. Theologically speaking, Christians should really be at the forefront of this issue, not dragging their heels at the back."

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