Climate Talking Points: A New Monthly Series from ecoAmerica

By Meighen Speiser

As a country, we’ve been approaching climate from different angles and with different goals. But all of us do it for the same reasons; to protect our families, friends, colleagues, and communities. So, it’s time to talk about climate in way that keeps everyone informed and inspires climate action.

At ecoAmerica, we work with America’s religious denominations, national health and medical associations, and communities to support their efforts to understand the implications of climate change and to develop effective strategies for them to practically address solutions with their many millions of members.

Our work starts with people, and we do a lot of listening to truly understand their values, concerns, and priorities. We’ve learned a lot and will share what we’ve learned with you in this monthly series – Climate Talking Points.

About Climate Talking Points

Each month we will pick a topic or theme related to climate change, provide a few positive talking points and some responses to key questions or criticisms. Our goal is to open up the conversation, focus on common values, and help us all move forward, together, on climate solutions. This guidance is grounded in ecoAmerica’s extensive research on climate communications, and our experience deploying it.

We know that effective communication on climate change might sometimes conflict with what you think is “common sense.” In the end, the truly trusted messengers are the people in your family, of your faith, in your community, from your occupation – who tend to share the same political and social values as you do.

Faith leaders - you have leverage and should use your connections, and this guidance, to reach out to your colleagues, community, and fellow congregants. You can help people reach a common ground and you can start now.

January 2018: Opening the Discussion

Our first month of Climate Talking Points focuses on Opening the Discussion

How you talk about climate change is as important that the specifics of what you say. You can have a positive conversation where everyone leaves more informed and more inspired on climate solutions if you start with common values, respect differences, listen well, and truly care about people.  Dive further into this month’s talking points by reading, “Welcome to Climate Talking Points.”



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