Climate Stewardship: Rounding Up Blessed Tomorrow Tips from 2017

After Paris, faith groups throughout the United States pledged to reduce carbon emissions and announced support of organizations and initiatives that shared their goal for a carbon-free America. Blessed Tomorrow encourages faith leaders to advocate for the progression of climate action. For people of faith, stewardship is the most important form of advocacy.

Climate stewardship means focusing on the environment and the part humans play in its longevity. As stewards of the Earth, how can faith leaders make an impact beyond carbon management? This past year, ecoAmerica programs like Blessed Tomorrow provided leaders with countless tips to help them make progress towards renewing the Earth. Here are some 2017 favorites.


Blessed Tomorrow and many of its faith partners believe that the impacts of climate change are preventable. Human actions caused many of the issues we are witnessing today and it is human actions that will prevent impacts in the future. This year’s most highly read article references impact and disaster prevention.

Before Disaster Strikes

Starting At Home

Making progress on climate begins with advocating for climate action. We don’t always have to travel far to find believers who a willing to listen and act. Read our series on mobilizing communities of faith.

Climate Awareness: From the Pulpit to the Community

Beyond the Pulpit: Initiating Community-Based Advocacy

Influence Beyond Borders

Climate change is happening and although we can slow it down, much of the worst damage has already been done. Now is the time to help the people who are most affected by climate change. Check out these 2017 articles on disaster response.

Why Faith Groups Should Strive To Ease the Burden Brought On By Hurricane Harvey

Puerto Rico: Responding to a Climate Emergency According to God’s Word

Faith Groups Respond to U.S. Climate Migration in Real-Time

More Tips

Ways We Can Combat Climate Change

5 Things to Talk About When Inspiring Fellow Faith Leaders to Lead on Climate Change

Let’s Lead: Guidance to Help Faith Communities Lead on Climate

American Climate Leadership: 2017 Recommendations from Faith Leaders

Thank you for following our 2017 journey of climate research and leadership in the faith sector! Please join us in the new year as we watch faith leaders follow our recommendations for climate advocacy and put their own 2017 plans into action to help improve our planet as dedicated stewards of the Earth.


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