Christian Creationist Ken Ham Misleads Many with Climate Change “Acceptance”

Creationist Ken Ham has accepted climate change as a reality! Well, not quite. His recent ‘Answers in Genesis’ article insists that, "No matter how many times we say that we do not deny climate change, secularists continue to say that we are climate change deniers…” While this statement initially seems like a breath of fresh air for the creation care movement, it’s actually quite disheartening.

Ham, who famously debated Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy,’ does agree that climate change is happening, he denies the evidence that 97% of scientists agree on today.  Claiming ‘observational science’ as his method of deliberation, the Australian born, Evangelical Christian contends that climate change has been happening since ‘Biblical times’, all the while, maintaining that it is a divine punishment for humankind’s spiritual deviation.

If Ham and others like him accept climate change as a reality, but deny its scientific cause, does this help our current situation? It most certainly does not.

Ham’s affirmation is missing the crucial component of climate change being man-made, inadvertently relieving us of our duty to correct past environmental degradation. So before you get too excited about Ham’s statement, think about how this will play out. 

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Creationist Ken Ham “Explains” Climate Change: Earth is Just “Settling Down” After the Great Flood

By Lindsay Abrams for Salon 

The climate may be changing, says Ken Ham, but human activity isn’t to blame — at least, not recent human activity. Instead, the creationist leader wrote in a blog post over the weekend, what we’re currently experiencing is just the Earth “settling down” from the flood that God sent to punish biblical sinners.

Ham’s words came in response to an article in ChristianToday reporting on a study that found that evangelicals “are the least knowledgeable, interested and supportive of space exploration” — a phenomenon that, according to the study’s author, jibes with the fact that they have also “been hesitant to recognize the discoveries of modern science — from evolutionary origins to climate change.”

“Creationists are not against science!” Ham insists in the blog post. “We love science.” No, he explains, they just have a problem with observational science: the stuff happening right now that is “testable, repeatable and observable.” Ham distinguishes that from what he calls “historical science,” which, from an evangelical viewpoint, begins with the assumption that the Bible is truth. Secularists, who for some reason refuse to see that viewpoint as valid, “want people to have a wrong understanding of what the word science means.”

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