Catholic Leaders Encourage Everyone to Sign COP21 Petition for Climate Action

Any person that follows Papal news, knows that climate change has become a major talking point for Pope Francis. Considering the Vatican's longstanding dedication to care for the world's poorest, this line of rhetoric is to be expected.

What's unique about Catholic climate initiatives are the far-reaching implications of statements from catholic leaders that have come to influence American faith leaders of all traditions. With statements that speak to a universal morality, Catholic communities have become a leader in climate motivation. And, once again, they are asking us to take action for the climate by signing a petition that will encourage 200 COP21 delegates to take act for the climate this December in Paris, where many of the global climate regulations will be decided.

Catholic Groups Urge Global Leaders To Reach A Climate Change Deal In Paris This Year

By Maria Gallucci for International Business News

Catholic groups are urging global leaders to reach a deal on climate change this year. Almost 100 organizations Thursday launched a worldwide petition that calls for dramatically curbing greenhouse-gas emissions and helping vulnerable communities prepare for rising sea levels, more-frequent storms, longer droughts and other effects of global warming.

The Global Catholic Climate Movement’s initiative represents the latest in a series of moves by religious groups that are striving to confront climate-change denialism among Catholics and Protestants worldwide. For many conservative Christians, the idea that man could manipulate God’s creation remains outside their realm of belief. Religious groups are attempting to reframe the discussion as a matter of compassion and moral responsibility.

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