Carbon Fasting for Lent: Another Way Catholic Leaders Care for Creation

Lent is upon us and many Catholics are approaching this religious time of repentance in a new way. Catholics around the world are carbon fasting for Lent by reducing their use of carbon emitting products, namely fossil fuels, or fasting for climate awareness.

Filipino climate commissioner Yeb Sano shares: "The power behind fasting lies in its purity of purpose and the sense of selflessness necessary to embark on fasting. This is the power of the fast—because it is meant for our aspirations of a better world."

If one is to reflect on the issues that most concern the Catholic Church, climate change tops that list. Take this opportunity to repent and start a new by caring for God's creation.

Catholics Across Globe to Hold 40-day Fast for the Climate

By Sophie Yeo for Responding to Climate Change

Catholics across the world will take part in a 40-day fast during Lent to raise awareness of climate change.

A chain of one-day fasts will sweep across 45 countries between Ash Wednesday and Easter, beginning in Peru and ending up in Botswana.

“We think it is very important that Catholics understand climate change and the importance of the UN negotiations in Paris,” said Ciara Shannon, who is coordinating a Hong Kong fast on 23 February.

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