Blessed Tomorrow Leader, Rev. Jim Antal, Speaks at Yale Conference on Cosmology and Creation Care

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Yale University hosted a conference to publicly unpack Christian responses to Brian Swimme’s, Journey of the Universe; a film that explores what William James called the ‘unseen order of the universe.’ In it, Swimme marvels not just at the creation of our abundant galaxy, but humankind’s ability to ‘nourish’ and care for it through ‘ancient religious wisdom’.

Conference attendees were heavy hitters of Christian thought, including Blessed Tomorrow leadership circle member and president of the Massachusetts Conference of the UCC, Rev. Jim Antal. Antal appeared on multiple panels, keeping in line with a level of enthusiasm that mirrors his own prolific work.

All-in-All, Swimme’s work was well received by the various Christian communities present. His poetic ability to conjoin old and new teachings, both scientific and religious, enable him to articulate what many of us in the Creation Care arena have been trying to say all along: that science and religion are not only compatible, but can be complimentary.

And hats off to Yale Divinity for leading by example through serving a vegetarian menu on 100% compostable plates!

Yale conference continues 'Journey of the Universe’

By Jamie Manson of National Catholic Reporter

"What is the creativity that brought forth a trillion galaxies?”

It is a daunting question asked by evolutionary cosmologist Brian Swimme in the film "Journey of the Universe." His line echoed throughout the halls at Yale Divinity School, where hundreds gathered for the Nov. 7-9 conference "Living Cosmology: Christian Responses to 'Journey of the Universe.' "

The conference was a historic gathering of many of the finest theologians, ethicists and activists in North America, all of whom joined together to contemplate the ways in which the Christian tradition can open up more fully to a sense of the sacredness of the universe and the flourishing of the Earth community.

"We have invited these scholars and advocates with the fundamental hope that they will help us see how deeply we are connected to the epic story of evolution," said Mary Evelyn Tucker, a senior lecturer and research scholar at Yale University and one of the conference's organizers. Tucker and her husband, John Grim, co-direct the Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale.

"We want to continue to connect the language of Christianity to cosmology," she said.

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