Blessed Tomorrow Leader Jay Faison Guides Republicans to Climate Action

Self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur, Republican and Christian, Jay Faison is bridging the gap between climate action and politically conservative Americans. After having left the corporate world, Mr. Faison decided to refocus his efforts on educating people about the moral imperative to act for the climate. Apart from being a Blessed Tomorrow Leader, Mr. Faison runs the website, Clear Path, which ‘seeks to simplify what it describes as an overly complicated — and often times exceedingly emotional — debate over global warming,’ according to Forbes magazine. 

Clear Path provides easily digestible science, consensus, risks and solutions to climate change in a way that is respectful to moderates and conservatives. If you’re politically conservative and want to find concise information on climate change, Clear Path is a great place to start. 

Groups Aim to Lure Conservatives Out of the Closet on Climate Change

By Tom Zeller Jr. for Forbes Magazine 

It’s been an article of faith for some time now — inside the whispery Washington Beltway, in state legislatures and even among hunting and outdoor recreation groups — that conservative Americans are, in fact, very much at odds with the vacuous climate denialism peddled by many members of the Republican Party’s national leadership.

Polls have, from time to time, hinted at this cleavage, and while a number of high-profile Republicans have begun inching away from a wholesale rejection of the issue, conservative voters remain hard-pressed to find frank and honest talk about climate policy among their political allies.

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