Blessed Tomorrow Endorses Moral Action for Climate Justice

By path2positive

Pope Francis is coming to America in September to address Congress on climate change and we are standing with him! Thousands will gather on September 24th, at Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, to join as one moral voice calling on our leaders for a Moral Action on Climate Justice. Below is a tentative list of events and actions open to all.

Franciscan Action Network will lead 'a fast on the National Mall' starting the week prior (TBA)




Tuesday, Sept. 22: 

6:30 pm: Yom Kippur service (Lincoln Memorial)
Wednesday, Sept. 23: 
Morning: Yom Kippur service continued
5:00 pm: Yom Kippur reconvenes 
7:30 pm: Interfaith prayer vigil 
8:30 pm: Yom Kippur formally concludes 
(Prayer vigil continues through the night)
Thursday, Sept. 24: 
9:20 am: The Pope will address a joint session of Congress 
Immediately after: Rally for the Climate and a Just Economy
(Speakers on climate justice, faith, science, labor and economic justice)

Friday, Sept. 25: 
See the list of participating faith-based, environmental and climate change organizations for ongoing activities

Please, join this interfaith effort as we call on Congress to act for the climate, protect the world's most vulnerable, and care for God's creation.

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