Al Gore Invites Faith Leaders to Openly Discuss the ‘Inconvenient’ Reality of Climate Change

Climate change is one the most relevant political arguments in today’s landscape. As a political topic, climate change is now so complex that it is being considered a threat to national security. With America’s uncertain climate policy during a time when there is such a need for one, a question about which of America’s leaders are the most dedicated to securing our future arises.

With no definite stance from the President of the United States, one leader we can be sure of is, Al Gore. Recently, during the National Faith and Community Leaders Conference Call, Al Gore called upon hundreds of faith leaders to influence the politics of climate change by putting politics aside.

Al Gore Speaks With Faith Leaders

There is one thing all of the most controversial political issues in history have in common. This, according to Al Gore is support from people of faith who regard issues, like climate change, not as a matter for government adjudication, but a principled concern that all Americans should care about.

“Historically, when issues are looked upon as moral, they are solved quicker.” -Al Gore

This same inspiration for mobilization fueled the Civil Rights Movement, said Gore. Now, the country needs a climate objective. With over 200 million people who believe in God, it is likely that many of them faithfully follow a religious doctrine. They are believers, and believers act on matters that touch their hearts and perturb them in such way that they find it difficult to ignore. This can be true, even for people of faith who do not believe that climate change exists.

The way to convert deniers is to convict them.

Convicting interfaith believers is a job for faith leaders and requires one important action; telling the truth about climate change.

Faith Leaders Take Their Positions

Just as former Vice President Al Gore’s documentary title indicates, the truth about climate change is ‘inconvenient.’ Believing the truth requires a complete change of the lifestyle that many Americans have become accustomed to and a shift in leadership. But Gore explains that “truth can turn into power.”

The new leaders on climate are faith leaders who understand the truth and are not afraid to spread it. This gives them an advantage that leaders who deny climate change don’t have.

BT leader, Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III is one of those fearless faith leaders and has developed a plan for mobilizing a congregation and converting climate deniers. He says:

  • Speak truth
  • Speak plain
  • Share stories
  • Speak economics
  • Speak theology

It is through speaking the truth in plain language, sharing stories and mentioning economics with theological rhetoric that has made much of the country aware of climate change.

The Country Follows

Morality is often thought to be the basis of American culture, as the country was founded on the principles of Christianity from Protestants, Puritans, and Catholics. This is why other community leaders have joined the cause to spread the ‘inconvenient truth’ a second time. Is the climate change message reaching the masses?

“People are waking up to the reality of this crisis and starting to respond in greater numbers.”- Al Gore

Across the country, more than three religious councils have created their own climate agendas. They have done this both alone and in partnership with other organizations. This, in turn, has caused members of faith congregations to begin to consider climate action as a service to God.

Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power,” opens in select theaters on Friday, July 28th.


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